Islamorada Florida Keys Tropical vacation

Bar and Grill

Ocean View Sports Bar
84500 Overseas Hwy.

In 1996 former Pittsburgh Steelers standout Gary Dunn, and former Los Angeles Rams All-Pro Dennis Harrah purchased the Oceanview Inn. The two friends immediately started a complete renovation project with the goal of making the Inn an affordable, tourist-friendly location, while preserving its history and local charm.


Islamorada Fish Company
81532 Overseas Hwy.
(800) 258-2559

The Islamorada Fish Company has become quite the hot spot for tourist since the World Wide Sportsman (next door) got involved. It was a great spot to eat and still is if you don't mind the crowds (in season) and of course the prices went up. It still retains a lot of its charm and you still eat outside right on the bay. I'm happy for their success but miss the old restaurant and fish market.